Blacktop is a large, thick biannual magazine showcasing the evolution of cities through black-and-white street photography and local people’s stories and experiences. This magazine strongly relies on photographs as storytelling, as they do not simply sum up with the articles, but rather aim at adding something more, showing details that would otherwise go unnoticed. 
The creation of Blacktop implied developing strong multitasking skills, working as the editor (responsible for the magazine’s content), the art director (responsible for the organization of all the content, from articles to photographs), the picture editor and photographer, and the editorial designer (responsible for each and every layout design), as well as collecting all the interviews with people and writing the articles.

Blacktop Magazine’s color palette is limited to the greyscale, as its minimal and clean layout, white backgrounds onto which a black thin typeface is printed, are designed to host dozens of black and white street photographs of the city.
The aim of each photograph is to focus and depict the atmosphere and feeling of a place and its people, rather than merely depicting its beauty. These images not only support what the articles talk about, but also try to give additional informations, showing details and sides of each district that would, otherwise, go unnoticed.

Having a website for Blacktop felt necessary to help attracting a higher number of readers, to directly sell magazine copies to customers, to promote new issues, and, finally, to have an ongoing interaction with readership. The website is designed so to let the user decide the background theme color: either dark or light.​​​​​
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